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Welcome to The Art Academy!

We’ve served the Minneapolis & St. Paul community for 22 years as artists and teachers, and have proudly helped turn thousands of students into confident adults and skilled artists.

The Art Academy was founded on a simple yet revolutionary philosophy: We believe that with time, encouragement and the proper instruction, anyone can learn to draw and paint exceptionally well.  

Our mission at the Art Academy has always been consistent:  We work to provide excellent traditional art education for beginning to advanced children, teens and adults.

At The Art Academy we always stress practice over talent.  When our unique patented teaching methods are combined with a student’s best efforts an amazing thing happens: a wealth of hidden artistic potential is released.  Students then acquire the skills to become a fully expressive artist.  That is why we see dramatic improvements in the confidence and ability of our students - it comes from our very positive structured program.

 More About Our Mission

Michelle Franz, Instructor, demonstration after R. Bonington.  An excellent example of traditional watercolor technique.
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“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart go together.”

-John Ruskin


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