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Adult Fine Arts Classes

The Art Academy offers an extensive selection of fine arts classes to satisfy the artistic needs of adults within our community. All classes focus on improving skills and are taught with thorough explanation and demonstration. We do not assign homework. We welcome both beginning and advanced students in all of our adult courses. Please check the Schedule Pages to find out when a class is held.  All skill levels are welcome; no prerequisites.
Sunday Figure Drawing Co-op

Throughout history artists and their students have balanced extended figure work with gesture studies to enhance their speed and sensitivity. Combined, the two approaches provide a well-rounded drawing experience that nurtures creativity. Gesture studies can also stand on their own as a wonderful exploration of movement and character.  
To that end, The Art Academy has partnered with MetroSketchers to host a weekly figure co-op on Sunday nights:

Sunday Figure Drawing Co-op
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
The cost is $10.00 per session
Every 3rd Sunday of the Month we have a costumed figure.

The Co-op will begin with short gestures and build to longer poses. Please be aware that there will not be an instructor on hand to critique your work for these sessions.

If you are interested in attending the Co-op, all you need to do is drop in and pay your fee. Moderators Liz Carlson and Tim Jennen, the co-founders of MetroSketchers, will be around to help you get settled. You can arrive as early as 5:45 to set up.

If you are new to gesture drawing and have questions about suitable materials, it’s best to go to Wet Paint and get ideas from their well-informed staff. Liz Carlson, mentioned above as one of the founders of MetroSketchers, works at the store and is especially versed in drawing materials. She’ll be glad to spend time with you discussing your specific artistic goals and steer you to the perfect supplies to enrich your abilities.

If you are looking for a great book on gesture work, try Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing – Techniques and Tips. Yan is a master of the quick sketch, so this can be used as a textbook if you are trying to improve your skills. He discusses materials, suggests warm-up exercises, then weaves countless step-by-steps throughout the book to help you draw the figure at different time intervals. It is also filled with tons of his very competent drawings.

We hope to see you there!  

Please Note: If you are under 18, we ask that you call us first to make arrangements to attend this Co-op.

Alfons Maria Mucha
“A high degree of expertness in draftsmanship always has had and always will have a predominant place in art.  With the passage of time the subject loses much of its meaning, but the fine execution of it retains its value.”
-Nicolai Fechin
Adolphe La Lyre
Figure Study
Peter Paul Rubens
Figure Study
Raphael Sanzo
Figure Study